About us

The ICN was set up to support the objective of allowing the growing number of Irish people settling in the Netherlands to maintain contact with each other and to provide support for sporting and cultural activities.  Along with its monthly e-newsletter, the club is organised both on a national basis and with Local Activity Groups.

Being a member gives you the opportunity to meet and communicate with like-minded people, to participate in activities, and to receive regular email updates. Members also benefit from reductions in admission fees to organised events.

The club is a focal point and a forum for Irish culture. Over the years more and more of the international community have shown an interest in our activities. The club has responded to this with enthusiasm. We now welcome all nationalities with an interest in Ireland and its culture as members.

Last, but not least, as a non-profit organisation, the success of the ICN has been made possible by the continuous generosity of our faithful sponsors and loyal members.