Where the Irish go,

Gaelic games go too!


The numbers involved in Gaelic football, hurling and camogie in Europe have risen exponentially over the past decade, with the Netherlands playing a big part in this. There are currently 4 active clubs in the Netherlands: Den Haag, Amsterdam, Eindhoven,  Maastricht and Groningen.




Men from each of the Dutch clubs battle it out against each other and other major clubs in West Europe (Brussels, Zurich, Vienna and many more) in regular tournaments throughout the season (March – October), while women from each Dutch club come together for European tournaments as the amalgamated team: Holland Ladies. We also have an underage Gaelic games club offering training for kids and events geared towards families.



Contact your nearest GAA club for updates about training, tournaments and socials:

Den Haag:  Den Haag GAA  Den Haag GAA on Facebook

Den Haag GAA on Instagram  Den Haag GAA on Twitter

Holland Ladies: Holland Ladies

Amsterdam: Amsterdam GAC or Amsterdam GAA

Eindhoven: Eindhoven GAA  or Eindhoven Shamrocks

Maastricht: Gaelic Games Europe Maastricht

Groningen: Groningen Gaels GAA