Membership fees apply to the current calendar year and are collected at the start of each year.


Irish club

  • Individual membership: 30 euro per year.
  • Family membership: 45 euro per year

GAA (Gaelic Games Europe)

If you are a member of the GAA you are automatically granted membership of the Irish Club. Fees are:

  • Adult membership: 80 euro per year.
  • Student membership: 40 euro per year.
  • Social GAA membership: 50 euro per year.
  • Underage membership: 40 euro for first child + 10 euro per additional child


Please lodge to Irish Club~Netherlands with full name and type of membership and in the case of a new membership, please email irishclubnl@gmail with the following information:
Full Name,
Phone numbers so the club can make contact.
NL85 ABNA 0518 9845 32